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Over my 15+ years of teaching yoga (& owning a studio for 10 of those years), I’ve been honored to have many yoga teachers reach out to me for guidance, support, feedback and direction. Some were new teachers looking for help filling in the gaps that were left by their Yoga Teacher Training. They felt as if they were lacking direction, experiencing self-doubt and weren’t sure how to bring authentic purpose and vision to their classes.

Others have been experienced teachers who confessed they sometimes felt a sense of disconnection, confusion and burn out. They’d become disillusioned because the wonder, passion and joy of teaching had started to fade. They no longer had time for their own practice and were tired of feeling isolated, struggling financially and trying to figure out this “yoga business” all alone.

I believe it’s so important to have a confidential, non-competitive, non-judgmental place to talk about these issues and concerns. A mentor with whom you can share freely, a safe environment to work on your physical teaching skills (assists, sequencing, safe alignment) and learn tools for deepening your own spiritual practice and also ask questions about the business aspects of being a yoga teacher.


KK Assisting

I’m super enthusiastic about working with teachers of all experience levels to help them discover their genuine voice, develop their practical in-class skills and support them on their journey to becoming a more creative, confident and courageous teacher.

As a mentor, my intention is to create a fun, safe and sacred space where you can learn how to let go of fear, teach from LOVE and truly step into your power.

Our mentoring sessions will be designed to serve your specific needs and may include “verbal yoga”, hands-on assists, practice teaching, journaling, compassionate feedback, observing in yoga class and more.


YT Mentoring Session: $150/Hour


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